Kids Dentistry

Kids Friendly | Welcoming Atmosphere

Walk into a Malhan Dental Clinic, you immediately notice our kids friendly atmosphere. Children are playing games and having fun while waiting for their appointment. We want all of our young patients to feel at home when they’re at the our clinic. Our dental clinic welcomes all children to stop by for a visit. You’ll quickly see why 95% of our patients say they will come back to visit at Malhan dental clinic.

We believe in quality, fun and affordable. We teaching them how to take care of their teeth and gums all year long, not just at the dentist’s office. We show each child how to properly brush and floss teeth to prevent nasty problems like tooth decay and tartar build-up, which can cause cavities. We’ll keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. What could be cooler than saving money and having a sparkling smile?.

You Making a Right Choice

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding what type of restorative materials to select for a child’s filling. Children and parents alike are often concerned about the esthetics of restorative dental materials. However, the effectiveness and cost of the filling materials should be considered as well. When used in back teeth, tooth colored (composite) filling materials are more costly and are less wear resistant than silver. Dental care for composite and silver tooth fillings is the same: brush, floss and keep regular dental visits. Practicing good oral hygiene will increase the longevity of all restorative dental work. We will check a filling for color changes, leakage and wear and inform a parent if the child needs the filling repaired or replaced. Parents are always encouraged to discuss available options and alternatives with us.

Pediatric dental care takes knowledge of specialized treatment and training in dealing with children.